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Doing a test


Reblog this if you would buy a book with an LGBTQ main character, whose sexuality was not the primary focus of the novel

If you would not, reblog this.

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Let me break down Male privilege for you.
Male Privilege: knowing that saying “I have a boyfriend” is the only thing that can actually stop a guy from chatting you up because they respect another guy more than they respect your lack of interest or right to rejection.


snap snap snap snap 
snap snap snap snap

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Summer is just around the corner! Which means you’re probably fervently preparing for ~bikini season~, trying to get back into that beach bod! Well here are some dieting tips from Denny’s Diner to help you feel a little more comfortable this year:

  • Bikini season? Shmikini shmeason.
  • You look wonderful already.
  • Whatever makes you feel best is best.
  • There is no “right” way to look.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Build a sandcastle. 
  • Seriously, you look wonderful.
  • Denny’s loves you.

Surf’s up!

Denny’s is wonderful. That is all.




What are the best/worst things to say to autistic people and what should I definitely avoid if I’m trying to make them comfortable?

Since I guess we’re doing the whole ‘trying to learn about autism’ thing now since we’re suddenly meeting a…